Job Descriptions

Category: PTA

Executive Board

  1. President - Runs the PTA meetings, is the official representative to the district, represent the PTA, speak on behalf of the PTA and support all the volunteers. Regular tasks include creating & communicating meeting agendas, writing the monthly newsletter article, & attending Board meetings. The president is a member of all committees, so can attend any or all meetings as seems helpful. The President oversees the overall PTA calendar and adherence to bylaws & procedures. This is mainly by communicating and DELEGATING! The President should NOT do all the work!
  2. Treasurer - Manage the budget, write the checks, balance the books, prepare documents for the auditor and present the monthly finance report to the PTA.
  3. Parlimentarian - Advises on issues on parliamentary procedure, revises by-laws as necessary, and is held by the President from the prior year.
  4. 1st V.P. - creates PTA Handbook in Spring, chairs Finance committee, typically PTA President the following year
  5. School Board Rep. (2ND V.P.) - Finds volunteers to attend (or attends themselves) the monthly School Board meetings and presents School Board reports at PTA meetings. (Not very time consuming)
  6. Recording Secretary -takes minutes, presents prior month's minutes for approval, records attendance, and maintains the records of at all PTA and Executive Board meetings.
  7. Correspondence Secretary - Assists PTA President throughout the year in writing correspondence such as thank-you notes, good for a working parent, (not very time consuming); Currently Unfilled
  8. Financial Secretary - Makes and records deposits to PTA bank account when necessary, counts money during the day of the Walkathon, (not very time consuming except during Walkathon)
  9. Auditor - Performs twice yearly PTA audits and sends appropriate paperwork to state and national PTA (not very time consuming except when working on the audits)

Committees & Event Chairs

All chairs are responsible for knowing their budget allocation and requesting funds through the PTA process as necessary.

  1. Band Chairs (2) - act as the liaison between band teacher and PTA. Chairs organize and order band t-shirts, find and coordinate volunteers for every practice, preparation for performances, coordinating booking the room, collecting money at registration, etc. Need one chair from 4th and one from 5th grade.
    • Time commitment: In September, about 5 hours a week and then down to 1~2 hours a week.
  2. Book Fair Chairs (2) - coordinate the book fair; co-chair will be lead chair in the next school year. Coordinate with Scholastic, make the schedule, create the flier, solicit volunteers and schedule them, coordinate with teachers for classroom previews and run the event. Busy during the weeks surrounding the event, usually in March/April timeframe.
  3. Box Tops Coordinator - coordinates box top collection by the classes, Works with teacher advisor of the student counsel re: collection and counting of box tops.
  4. Directory Publisher - compiles data and publishes school Directory in the fall.
  5. Environmental Volunteer Coordinator - is a liaison between teachers and the Environmental Program for which some teachers sign up. No experience required. Most (if not all) work can be done by computer/email. Normally the job would require a few hours in the fall (checking to see that all teachers have the right assignments) and possibly again in the spring (reminding teachers to sign up for next year).
  6. eScrip Chair - promotes eScrip fundraiser to community through newsletters, emails and as a presence at First Day Coffee and PTA meetings.
  7. Fall Staff Luncheon Chair - organizes and hosts the Welcome Back Staff Luncheon on the day before school starts. Solicit donations (food or monetary), invite the staff, prepare and run the event.
  8. FAME Chair (Fine Art Mini Experience) -Solicits and coordinates volunteers for each classroom, provides a 1 hour training for volunteers (training information provided,) orders supplies for projects, is the liaison for the program with the teachers and manages the end of year Art Show.
  9. FAME Hands On Art Day Chair - for December coordinates the event. Schedule the date, coordinate with the teachers, solicit and schedule volunteers, figure out what project to do and manage the event.
  10. Family Fun Nights Chair - organizes fun events that the whole family can participate, such as a movie and popcorn evening. They are held several of times a year. The chair coordinates the date with the PTA, make a flier, picks an event, and is responsible for the smooth running of the event.
  11. Field Trip Liaison - works with the teachers and the principal to determine field trips and organize the buses for distant field trips.
  12. Fifth Grade Moving On Chair - coordinate the graduation ceremonies. Coordinate the class t-shirt (if the class wants), schedule and manage the ceremony.
  13. First Day CoffeeChair - coordinates this Welcome Back to School event on the morning of the first day of school. Coordinate with the committee chairs about setting up information tables, solicit volunteers to bring food and drinks, and set up/clean up.
  14. Gardening Chairs help maintain the garden and work with teachers/students.
  15. GATE Liaison (2) sets meeting early in Fall, coordinates communication between GATE parents and teachers.
  16. Holiday Food & Toy Drive Chairs coordinate the food drive and the Giving Tree. Schedule the date, create the flier, solicit and schedule volunteers, put up the tree, and manage the event.
  17. Hospitality Chairs set up refreshments at monthly PTA meetings and cleans up at the end of the meeting. Must be available to attend both the morning and evening meetings. Often shared by couple of people.
  18. International Night Chairs (2) coordinate the event. Schedule the date, create the flier, solicit and schedule volunteers and country ambassadors, decorate and manage the event.
  19. L.A.T.E. Night Chair (Look Around and Touch Everything) Night Family Math and Science chair coordinates the event. Schedule the date, create the flier, solicit and schedule volunteers, figure out what activities to do and manage the event.
  20. Membership Chair is responsible for promoting membership, collecting the dues and reporting the information to the PTA president. (Can be done by a working parent)
  21. Motor Perception Chairs (2-3) runs the kindergarten P.E. Program. Coordinate the schedule, reserve the multi, solicit and schedule volunteers and run the program. 
  22. Newsletter Editor is in charge of putting together the monthly PTA newsletter.
  23. Parent Education Chair compiles local parent education events, publicizes them to the school community in Yahoo group and newsletter. Finds Interesting speakers to speak at the school, submits requests for funding from the PTA for these special speakers, reserves room for training, creates and distributes fliers regarding the event.
  24. Publicity Chair is in charge of creating and putting up signs around school for PTA and school events.
    •  Time commitment: Roughly once a month, time to create and print the signs varies and posting around campus takes about 20 - 30 minutes.
  25. Read Naturally Chair manages the program by soliciting and scheduling volunteers, making sure everyone is trained and coordinates with the teachers. The Chair works closely with the Resource Teacher on identifying and assessing students who might qualified for the program.
  26. Cumberland Store Chair monitors logo gear provider and communicates and promotes bulk orders for various class/event/programs. 
  27. Science Camp Coordinators (2) are parents of 5th Grader students. They are the liaison between Science Camp, Parents and Principal. They confirm the number of fifth grade students with the office and then contact the camp to schedule the information meeting. They publicize information about science camp in the fall, especially during Walkathon time, and then again, as the camp date approaches, coordinate cabin leaders, phone trees, collect forms and tuition prior to science camp and are the contact person in case of an emergency happens at the camp.
  28. Science Fair Coordinators manage both the lower and upper grade Science Fairs, which are held separately in the Spring. Publishes the Science Fair packet for both fairs, organizes experiment demonstrations by volunteers in classrooms to get kids excited about the Fair, and are in charge of set up and clean up of both Fairs.
  29. Sign Changer changes the lettering on the School Announcement Board that hangs in the front of the school. Usually takes a few minutes once a week.
  30. Sound Communication Chair sets up and runs sound equipment for school assemblies, performances, Walkathon, and other school events. Helpful to have some knowledge regarding sound systems or how to set up speakers.
  31. Spring Food Drive Chairs coordinate the collection of food and deliver the collected items to the agency to whom we are donating. Schedule the date, create the flier, solicit and schedule volunteers, and manage the event.
  32. Staff Appreciation Week Chairs coordinate activities, including a luncheon, during this week-long May event. Schedule the date, create the flier, solicit and schedule volunteers, figure out what activities to do and manage the event.
  33. Storage Organizer helps organize and catalog the PTA storage shed located in the school atrium (outside the staff workroom)
  34. Thanksgiving Food Drive Coordinator: Promotes the event and coordinates the collection and delivery of the food collected. The coordinator is assisted by the school student council and collections are donated to Sunnyvale Community Services. The Food Drive is a week long (Mon-Fri) event, and usually takes place the calendar week prior to the week of Thanksgiving.
  35. Technology Chair leads the tech committee and works with the Principal and the PTA to assist in any technology issues on an as-needed basis
  36. Talent Show chairs (2)- schedule the date, create the flier, solicit and schedule volunteers, coordinates the student auditions, rehearsals, organize group acts and run the actual show. (Usually two to three people)
  37. Volunteer Coordinator sends out volunteer sign-up sheet in the fall, collates the information received and distributes to PTA president and committee chairs, the Principal and staff.
  38. Safe Routes to School Chairs solicits volunteers, promotes and organizes the Walk & Roll week events in the Fall & Spring.
  39. Walkathon Chairs (2) - manages the annual fundraiser
  40. Web Master is in charge of maintaining the Cumberland website, admin of Yahoo Community Group, PTA shared drive, and PTA email forwarding accounts.
  41. Welcome Back Picnic Chair organizes this event, usually held on the first Friday evening of school in August. Create the flier, figure out what activities to do and manage the event.
  42. Weekly Packet Collating Chairs solicits volunteers and orchestrates the packet creation and distribution.