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Grades: 1-3

Cumberland’s After-School Programs provide enrichment classes that allow children to pursue interests or explore new activities while having fun. You can viewschedules and class descriptions on  HOMEROOM. Homeroom is a system that will allow you to sign up, pay and track enrichment classes all in one place. In advance of enrollment, feel free to view the schedule using the same link.

Spring Session classes run from March 18th through May 24th.


Registration opens:February 26 at 7pm until March 8 at 7pm


There will be no After-School Program classes on: March 12, April 9, April 11 (Chess only), April 15, April 16, April 17, April 18, April 19 and May 14

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Ignite your child's mind and body awareness through yoga.

Our classes are desgined to help your child learn simple yoga poses through music, rhythm, visualization and other techniques. We also focus on different breathing techniques while advancing your child to more challenging yoga poses.

The practice of Yoga will help your child to calm the mind and increase their focus while exploring different types of intelligence like

- Logical/Mathematical

- Kinesthetic/Bodily

- Visual/Spatial

- Interpersonal