Clay / Kiln

Category: Enrichment

kilnCumberland is one of the few elementary schools in the district lucky enough to run its own kiln! The clay program is a very special art experience for all grades. Students work on grade-level appropriate skills and techniques to produce their very own art pieces. Volunteer docents do not have to operate the kiln.

We will be preparing for two projects in each class over the school year. If you would like to help in your classroom (or other classrooms), please contact us at  and include your teacher's name. 

Interested in making a project for Walkathon? Purchase materials at Clay Planet, Fireworks CeramicsCranberry Hill, or another vendor. All materials should be low-fire and lead free. Please send an email to  with any questions.

First training will be Wednesday, September 12, 2018.

For more information, or to volunteer as a docent, contact  and include your teacher's name.

Grade Level Projects

Kindergarten Hand (.pdf) Apple Bowl (.pdf) Snail (.pdf)
1st Grade Caterpillar (.pdf) Votive (.pdf) Trivet (.pdf)
2nd Grade Butterfly (.pdf) Snowman (.pdf) Pencil Holder (.pdf)
3rd Grade Bowl (.pdf)

Fish (.pdf)

Bunny Bowl (.pdf)

4th Grade Mission (.pdf) Owl (.pdf) Turtle (.pdf)
5th Grade Leaf (.pdf)

Dragon (.pdf)

Mask (.pdf)