Environmental Volunteers Program

Category: Enrichment

The Environmental Volunteers Program promotes the understanding of and responsibility for the environment through hands-on science education. These classroom programs and field trips meet the State of California science education requirements.

Cumberland's PTA sponsors classroom programs and/or field trips for every classroom at Cumberland in the participating grade levels. Classroom programs this past year included hands-on activities in the areas of foothills ecology, earthquakes, water science, study of birds, and local nature observations. As an example, all the second graders enjoyed a wonderful guided fieldtrip to Steven Creek Park to study foothills ecology. Before going on the trip, each classroom already had a visit from the EV's in their classroom with related hands-on learning stations. One second-grader said, "I really liked the fieldtrip because we saw lots of birds, played games and the guide showed us which plants we could eat and we ate some (minor's) lettuce. It was fun!" The students also saw the foundation of the old Stevens house, the original grafted walnut trees planted by Mr. Stevens, several deer, a woodpecker, and lots of poison oak on their hike.