Category: Enrichment

FAME (Fine Arts Mini Experience) is a six-year art and music program funded by the PTA to enrich Fine Arts experience in the classroom setting. Volunteer docents lead 6 in-class presentations per year, consisting of a short introduction to a composer and an artist with a hands-on art project related to the style of the artist. 

Students will bring their FAME artwork home at the end of the year as a portfolio.

Docents bring six artists, composers, and related art projects into the classroom during the school day. We have 1-3 docents for each classroom teacher, who arrange for about an hour of class time for their in-class presentation. The 2018-2019 school year is Year 3 in the FAME cycle.

Training meetings take place in the Cumberland Multipurpose Room from 7-8PM.

General Information about the FAME program.

Please reseve the cart using the online calendar. Please include your name, teacher name/room and lesson number in your reservation.

For more information, or to volunteer as a docent, contact  and include your teacher's name.