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**Bring your extra Plant Pots to the Garden**

garden pots

Do you have extra plant pots that you no longer need? Please bring them to the garden and leave them in the collection box under the canopy near room 26. We can use 6-packs, 3", 4" and 5-gallon or larger containers. Please no 1-gallon containers.

Cumberland Garden is located in the west end of campus, near 2nd grade classrooms, about 4000 sq ft of area. All garden maintenance and activities are provided through the help of Cumberland volunteering parents (collectively they spend 100's of hours tending this absolutely breath-taking please consider joining this amazing team!).

Students participate in various gardening activities throughout the year (seeding, mulching, weeding, composting, and of course harvesting) and can observe first-hand the magic of growth. Last year, we have had great success with our fava bean and broccolli crops, amongst others. The children were able to see the nitrogen nodules growing on the roots of the fava beans!

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