Read Naturally

Category: Enrichment

Grades:  2-5

Read Naturally is a research-based program sponsored by the PTA and overseen by resource specialist, Sue Gilbert. The program develops reading fluency, helping students (grades 2-5) who need extra assistance to increase their speed and comprehension. Students that are identified by their teachers participate in the program for 30 minutes, 2 times a week. They read selected passages out loud, answer comprehension questions and chart their progress with the guidance of trained volunteers. The student gets immediate feedback on how their skills are improving, building their confidence and reading enjoyment.

We typically need 20+ volunteers for this very important enrichment reading program where you will be amazed at the progress each child makes right before your eyes.  There is usually more need than volunteers, so please consider being a part of this program --especially if you are bilingual (Spanish, Chinese, Korean, etc.)