Kinder Buddy (or New) Families

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Cumberland's PTA-Sponsored Welcome Program

The PTA-sponsored kinder/new family welcome program is a parent-run group aimed at helping families of kids entering Cumberland in August 2017. Our goal is to make all of you feel welcome and give you an opportunity to ask veteran parents any questions you have. The program has three parts:


  • Google Group
    Our Google group will be our forum for information transmission and questions from you. We will send email reminders for the kinder playdates (see below), school events, PTA meetings, etc. This is also a great forum for general questions.

Sign-up by emailing:  



  • Kinder Playdates
    We will have three organized play dates:

Friday, May 12, 2018 2-3 PM, Cumberland Playground
Saturday, July 22, 2018 3-4 PM, Cumberland Playground
Tuesday, August 14, 2018 2-4 PM, Cumberland grass area and playground

We will provide snacks and fun. Details will be sent to members of the Google group.



  • Buddy Program
    In the Buddy Program, we match new families with veteran families who have volunteered to welcome you. They can be your contact for any specific questions about Cumberland. Please email if you would like to participate in the Buddy Program.